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Snoop Dogg - Betta Days Song Lyrics
Artist Snoop Dogg
Album No Limit Top Dogg
Released May 11, 1999
Label Priority Records
Song Betta Days
Transcriber Adrian Griffin Lyrics Correct
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Celebrate grab a drink & put a blunt in the sky
Worldwide nigga it's 1999
Shit outta control sign of the times
I ain't have this much fun since '79
I was only 8 then hadn't been 2 the pen
Just a young nigga on the front of a swing
Playin football up in Colly high
2 young 2 ride but it's still Eastside
Homicides didn't happen much
Niggas wasn't rappin much
It's '99 nigga shit I know u strappin up
Hell mutha fuckin yea
Nigga wanna see the end
So next year u can do it all again
Same dogg channel same dogg time
Onlyy the strong will survive in '99
So much drama N delusion
My conclusion is confusin
Drifted of my memories twisted off my music
Tryna make my peoples use it
Oh yea we do's it we do's it
Here's my number baby girl don't u lose it
It's smokey in this mutha fucka while we cruisin
Them Eastside niggas is the shadiest
But them Westside niggas is the craziest
Summertime on the grind Baby let me shine
Let me shine
I roll with this shit I'm cold with this shit in my prime
Nigga done time and I never dropped a mutha fuckin dime


Be smart fresh start is all ya need
1st things 1st cuz stop smokin sess weed
U r what ya smoke my nigga stop hatin
That's why ya broke N thats why we celebratin
But life's so hard on a G
That's what they all say
But somehow sum way u've got 2 make a betta way

Betta Dayz ahead Freddie's dead
N Betty said Eddie's a fed
Sweaty in bed with a knife 2 his head
N he fuckin with this hoodrat that he met up in Dez
Betty gettin mad cause Eddie wanna share
Well look at how u livin 4 a minute think of pairs
I luv big Freddie I alwayz stay ready
Sum dealers by my side N sum riders by the deli
I'm ready 2 do now who now u now
Eddie wasn't ready when they drew down
2 down with just 1 gun my nigga
N who said killin was no fun
I sit alone in the zone with a face of stone
Live the life of Al Capone r Don Corleon
Tragically casualties N fatalities N all kinda funny ass niggas cumin after me
My granpappy once sat me on his lap N he said
Sonny get ur money b4 u end up dead
I never really understood what he said
Till my mutha fuckin dogg took a slug 2 his head
Cold way a nigga gotta learn his lesson
Slow down N go now shit ya now now

(Repeat Chorus)
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