DJ Clue
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After spending a year hustling mix tapes on the streets of New York, DJ Clue first jumped to radio and then made the unprecedented jump to a major-label, where he became the only hip-hop DJ to score a platinum album in the 1990s. Where his DJ peer Funkmaster Flex rose to similar success thanks to his years as a massively influential DJ at New York's top hip-hop station, Hot 97, Clue did so with an album loaded with exclusive material from most of the East Coast's top MCs. Furthermore, his role as the house DJ for Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella label also helped transform the DJ from a mix tape hustler to a household name. Born in Queens, Clue's first taste of success came in 1997 when he began hosting a syndicated show on Hot 97, alongside Funkmaster Flex. Within a year, he was signed to Roc-A-Fella and saw his first album, The Professional, hit the streets in 1998, loaded with exclusive tracks. He then increased his popularity as the featured DJ on Jay-Z's historically successful Hard Knock ... Read full biography
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The Professional, Pt. 3
DJ Clue
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