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When Brian “Baby” Williams hit the music industry in 1997, neither the critics, fans, nor Baby himself ever imagined that the rap industry would have allowed him and the Cash Money Millionaires to play a significant role in the signature sound that is now known as the Dirty South. In the short span of five years, this certified entrepreneur has amassed multiple gold albums with various artists and 3 platinum albums, as a member of both the Hot Boys and rap duo Big Tymers, and has helped create an empire that has forever changed the music industry. Now, with the evolution of the newer, stronger Cash Money Records, a new solo artist has been born…Baby aka #1 Stunna. The debut album entitled BIRDMAN is the first self-portrait of the man behind the music and his mirror image.

A year ago Baby and the Cash Money Millionaires found themselves in a place of reconstruction. Surveying the state of the industry and the influence of
his realm, Baby decided to recreate himself as a ... Read full biography
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Like Father Like Son
Lil Wayne, Baby
Audio CD
[1 disc]
10/10/2006 Buy
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