Hip-Hop News: Writer Talks About Thug Life Rappers
McCall shows respect for 2Pac in article
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By Paul Russell
11/23/2002 3:00:33 PM

It's not just music. As a way of thinking, a way of life, hip-hop has good and bad to offer, McCall said.

"It has values of self-reliance. Some artists encourage progressive, critical thinking about identity, history, the black community. But there's a whole lot of people making a commitment to the thug life as embodied by (hip-hop artist) Tupac Shakur," he added.

At its worst, he said, some hip-hop just "feeds the prison industrial complex."

Tupac didn't only rap about being a Thug, a perfect example of being a king guy, the song Keep ya head up, Unconditonal Love and many others show Tupac has another side to him and not just being a Thug.

Source: z-wire/2Paczone.com

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