Hip-Hop News: Whitney & Bobby Suspects In Death Threat
TV show "Celebrity Justice" says they are listed as suspects in a police report about a possible death threat.
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Posted by Dave
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10/24/2002 12:00:00 AM

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The TV show "Celebrity Justice" says the singer and her husband, Bobby Brown, are listed as suspects in a police report about a possible death threat. The report from police in East Orange, N.J., is about an alleged threat received by Kevin Skinner — the business partner of Houston's father, John.

In the police report, dated March 26, Skinner says a man named "Malik" told him: "Nippy and Bobby are planning to have you done!" (Nippy is Houston's nickname.) Skinner says right after that, he got a call saying: "Watch your back, you're dead."

The company is suing Houston for not paying them for management services the company claims it did to resurrect the singer's career after a drug arrest a couple of years ago.

In an interview for the Celebrity Justice show, Skinner says he doesn't believe anything will happen to him, adding that he and John Houston are "at war" against the singer.

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