Hip-Hop News: Interview With Tha Top Dogg
Top Dogg discusses his album, that was supposed to be released on Deathrow, featuring 2Pac and more.
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Posted by Dave
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10/22/2002 12:00:00 AM

Snoop Dogg
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Lil B: So whats up with you, what you been up to?

Top Dogg: Back & Forth from College to Making music. Ive been around just not heard about

Lil B: When did you start rapping and who inspired you?.

Top Dogg: I was in School listening to NWA, Dre, Snoop at the time. All my family are musicitions of some kind, My cousin is in the group MAZE (Herman)

Lil B: When and how did you hook up with Deathrow.

Top Dogg: In 97 Suge got hold of a tape I did and liked it, then called me and asked me to hook up. going back to cali was then on the gang relkeated soundtrack that was rereleased. He got me in the studio the day after he called me, I never met him for quite a while after though

Lil B: Have u recorded a album on Deathrow.

Top Dogg: yeah the YGD album was ready to come out and was a double disc!!

Lil B: Who was featured on the Double Disc?

Top Dogg: 2pac, Storm, oftb, Daz Dillinger, Young Soldierz, Outlawz, tha realest, Chocolate Bandit, f flexx, swoop g, danny boy and sheeba black

Lil B: Whats up with the movie with Tha Releast?

Top Dogg:I may have a SMALL role, its jevons project that has been in the making for over a year. Its not a Hip Hop movie, it's life issues

Lil B: So your signed to 2real? Whens your album going to drop, is there a title and whos featured on it

Top Dogg: Yah im rolling with Tha Realest and them, i'll be on his album when it comes out next year. ill keep you up to date with my album as it develops

Lil B: Whats the track with you and 2pac called, and did you record it with him

Top Dogg: Its called Bounce My way with me, 2pac and storm. Recorded after pac left us

Lil B: Who produced your album on Deathrow?

Top Dogg: DJ Quick, Big D" Harper, J.Flexx, and Kobane

Lil B: Any last words you want to say to the fans?

Top Dogg: Thank u, support the westcoast and we will give it back!
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