Hip-Hop News: B-Side Players Speak About May 1st Violence
May first of this year was a violent clash between police and pro-immigrant rights demonstrators, resulting in a music video.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
5/7/2007 11:54:56 AM

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Critically-acclaimed group, B-Side Players are known for addressed political matters affecting the Latin community in the United States and the world in their music. The band’s latest message to politicians, community leaders and police in light of the May 1 violent clash between police and pro-immigrant rights demonstrators has taken a new artistic form: a video.  The band has taken their support for immigrant rights by creating a powerful video featuring footage of various clashes between protestors and police for their song, “Nuestras Demandas.” The song/video also outlines B-Side’s demands for new immigrant legislation and overall respect for human rights by law enforcement.
Leader Karlos Paez included footage of clashes as visual reminders that violence between demonstrators and police has been a part of the American experience Also, he wanted to show how the Constitutional right for people to assemble peacefully to express their grievances has been consistently been violated by the powers that be.  He explains, “Violence is ignorance in action. We are supposed to be able to assemble freely. We are supposed to have rights. But depending on who you are or where you are from men with guns will usually determine your fate. Our police forces are an extension of our government, appointed to keep the peace and uphold the law. How do we expect them to act when the example that they set is to run over towns with tanks and bombs? This has become the American way and unfortunately has made us the most hated nation in the world. We have a bloody history and our present state of affairs is no better.” [full statement available upon request].

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