Wise Intelligent Announces New Hip-Hop Release
Check out the solo album from the rapper titled "Wise Intelligent Iz...The Talented Timothy Taylor."
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/13/2007 8:16:23 AM

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Intelligent Muzik proudly presents the next offering from Wise Intelligent's highly anticipated solo album, "Wise Intelligent Iz...The Talented Timothy Taylor!"
The wait is finally over and class is now in session! Your instructor for this course on contemporary lyricism and futuristic linguistics is the world renowned and ghetto-political artist and scholar, the immensely, Talented Timothy Taylor...
The Talented Timothy Taylor has declared that the main  reason hip-hop is considered dead by so many and the community is in a complete state of chaos and disorder is because WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO ENOUGH INTELLIGENT MUZIK! I think I need to say that one more time…We are in the condition that we’re in because WE ARE NOT MAKING, LISTENING, PROMOTING, DOCUMENTING, AND REQUESTING ENOUGH INTELLIGENT MUZIK!
"I'm Him" is an undeniable testament that powerful music and intelligent rhymes are still the backbone and life blood of hip-hop culture. The Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty of this track hits you like a shotgun blast to your chest as soon as you hear the words ... "Introducing the one and only..." The Talented Timothy Taylor has lyrically and sonically taken us deep into future by remaining true to the core principles upon which Hiphop culture was founded....
The track was produced by Masada and Wise Intelligent of HavKnotz Productions.
"I'm Him" smacks you right in the face and wakes you up to the reality that the rumors of hip-hop's untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated...
1.  I'm Him
(T. Grimes, J. Pierre)
Produced by Masada and Wise Intelligent ASCAP
Recorded at Masada's House; engineered by Masada
Mixed at Found Sound Studio; engineered by Scott "Supe" Stallone
Written by Wise Intelligent

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