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Hip-Hop News: P. Diddy Contest Looks For Hip Hop Video Submissions
Rap fans can enter the contest hosted by Diddy by uploading a video to YouTube and MySpace.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/28/2006 6:16:13 AM

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Diddy recently posted a youtube video on his myspace page announcing his "Get Off" Contest to his fans, "if any of y'all out there feel like I do when I hear music, I got a contest for y'all," says Diddy while gazing at the camera. "I want you to videotape yourself, 1-3 minutes, of your version of getting off to my song "Get Off". You aint gotta do it the way I do it, you do it the way you do it. Music is made so you guys can enjoy it and make you feel a certain way. So get off! Show me how it makes you feel."
The contest rules, listed on Diddy's space, are as follow:
    •   Upload the video to Myspace video and Youtube and tag it with "Get Off" Dance, James Brown, Press Play, and Diddy.
    •   The hottest dance clips will be featured on my Myspace page at the end of each week of the contest.
    *   At the end of 4 weeks, whichever video collects the most views will be proclaimed the official "Get Off" dance contest winner!
    *   So get down and dirty because we will feature the winning video on my page as well as lace up the winner with a HOT Diddy prize pack!!!
"To the person that wins we're gonna highlight your video on my myspace page and my youtube channel," explains Diddy, "And we're also gonna make sure you get some Sean John gear, Bad Boy albums, Unforgiveable - we're gonna lace you up! So the winner gets a "Diddy prize package". Do what you gotta do man. Get off!"
And for those lacking inspiration, have no fear, Diddy's here! as he offers a "tutorial" video of none other than... Yes, you guessed it, Diddy himself doing his version of the "Get Off" dance.

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