Hip-Hop News: Juggaknots Ready "Use Your Confusion" Hip Hop Album
“In the days of all this watered down hip hop...it's really good to know that groups like the Juggaknots still make me feel like all ain't lost in hip hop...please...don't stop” - Dj Jazzy Jeff
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/10/2006 9:41:38 AM

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"Breezly Brewin's voice and flow will always symbolize a hunger to me that I've heard from dangerously few emcees who came before him and after him.  A truly beautiful contribution to Hiphop and an overlooked contribution to American music.  His voice, style, and writing, is Blues, Jazz, and Rap. He makes the complicated look simple. – Slug, Atmosphere (RhymeSayers)
Hailing from the Bronx, NY the Juggaknots (Buddy Slim, Breezly Brewin) introduced the world to their complex flows and innovative soundscapes in 1995 with the classic Clear Blue Skies EP. Originally signed to East West Records (now Elektra) the Juggaknots joined a label that boasted some of the best hip-hop groups ever assembled including Brand Nubian, KMD, Das EFX and Pete Rock & C.L Smooth.  After being unable to agree on what direction the group would take, the parties amicably agreed to part ways and the album was temporarily shelved. In 1996, Bobbitto Garcia stepped into the picture and distributed a vinyl only release of the Clear Blue Skies EP on his now defunct Fondle Em Records imprint.

Now signed to the rising Amalgam Entertainment label, the Juggaknots renaissance will begin anew with their highly anticipated sophomore effort entitled, Use Your Confusion which will be released on October 31st, 2006. The album promises all new music that will give a fresh generation of listener’s hope that better days are ahead in the current dismal and mediocre market for Hiphop music.
While The Juggaknots are one of Hiphop’s most beloved groups, it remains a mystery to most fans where they have been in recent years and why such a talented group hasn’t experienced a higher level of success, especially when you consider what the Juggaknots have already accomplished including: B-Slim produced tracks for Father MC and several other established R&B acts in the early 90s, they appeared on the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack in 1994 with “This City Needs Help” where they made their first musical appearance together as group alongside blues legend Buddy Guy, scoring a major label record deal with Elektra in 1994, releasing their highly sought after self-titled vinyl-only album on “Fondle’Em” in 1996, collaborating with Company Flow and J-Treds in 1998 under the name Indelible MCs on the well received  “Lyricist Lounge” (Rawkus Records), Breeze Brewin’s lead role as “Tariq” on Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves conceptual album released on Tommy Boy in 1999 and of course the re-release of their classic Clear Blue Skies in 2003; which would go on to receive rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Complex, Spin, Vibe, Urb, Elemental and XXL Magazines and highly respected Internet sites such as Allhiphop.com, Pitchforkmedia.com among many others.
However, like the aforementioned track (“This City Needs Help”) they appeared on with Buddy Guy, The Juggaknots at the peak of their careers, put their promising music career on hold (a move that left many fans confused) as B-Slim, Breeze Brewin, and Queen Herawin embarked on a new path as they all took up new careers as inner city school teachers in the Bronx.  The decision was made easier when Breeze walked by a nearby school during an evacuation for an anthrax scare.  Breeze took notice at lack of teachers there to supervise and lead the neighborhood children in the panicked state and at that very moment he felt compelled and called upon to put a little less emphasis on music and more focus on helping the local school as a full time teacher.
But this isn’t a “Lean On Me” story and it isn’t just about Breeze Brewin, this is about celebrating the return of The Juggaknots!!  From the Beach Boys to the Bee Gees, it’s a known fact that family groups in music business have historically done well. As if brothers

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