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St. Louis Hip Hop Artist's "Chain Hang Low" Does Well
The single is steadily climbing various charts such as iTunes, Blender and
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/8/2006 6:32:45 AM

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Almost one year after securing a major deal on Geffen/Interscope new St. Louis sensation and ex-boxer Jibbs leaves Urban Radio staggering with a one two punch from his melodic ice-cream truck jingle ode to Mr. Softy "Chain Hang Low!" BET immediately adds "Chain Hang Low" into an unprecedented medium rotation on five of their six video shows! And, fans have been listening and downloading this sure hit in huge numbers from sites like: www.myspace/,, making it number 14 on Blender's top 20 songs to download in August, issue on stands now. It jumped from #100 to #70 on iTunes Top 100 Chart in just one day, and from #100 to #42 in just one week. It is also #9 on top hip hop/rap chart. Jibbs is poised to follow up his single success with album debut "Jibbs Feat. Jibbs" on Geffen/Interscope fourth quarter 2006.

Jibbs is the first rapper to hail from the infamous South Side of St. Louis where his reputation and career took off hanging out in the studio with his brother, DJ Beats of Da Beatstaz, a long time producer for St. Louis natives Nelly and Chingy when he began free-styling with local & visiting rappers in the Beatstaz studio. Soon after claiming "the" coveted freestyle-crown for his ferocious rap prowess, Jibbs began opening up for artists such as Chris Brown, Bow Wow and Young Jeezy and quickly began getting offers from several major labels before signing with Geffen Records, (the home of Snoop Dogg, Common, and Mary J. Blige).

Growing up with a strong family unit in the ghetto is a very different scenario for a young black man in America. Jibbs the middle child of six was fortunate to have a family intact that worked together. All four boys were trained and groomed into Golden Glove boxers by their ex-boxer father who nicknamed him Jibbs derived from a slang term meaning a punch in the mouth. Staying true to his moniker, Jibbs is a two-time Golden Gloves champion and now he's contending for the spot in hip hop with lead smash "Chain Hang Low" and forthcoming Geffen/Interscope release "Jibbs Feat. Jibbs," Fall 2006. Jibbs is also featured in the November issue of Vibe Magazine, on stands October.

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