Hip-Hop News: Dallas Gangsta Rapper Twisted Black Inks Deal With TVT
Rap artist Twisted Black was shot in the face while his rap career was taking off which set him back.
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Posted by Dave
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7/12/2006 5:28:13 AM

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TVT Records announces the signing of one of Dallas hottest properties, the gangsta rapper Twisted Black. Already an industry veteran as part of the duo One Gud Cide, Twisted Black will take his hard-hitting rhymes to the world with his upcoming TVT Records release.
In 1991, as One Gud Cide's popularity in Fort Worth, TX was surging, Black was shot in the face and forced to take time off. In 1995, with a fully recovered Black, the group released their debut, Look What The Streets Made, which sold an astounding 10,000 copies in only thirty days. Impressed, dirty south music mogul Tony Draper signed the duo to his Universal-distributed Suave House Records and success seemed on its way. But just two weeks into the release of their album Contradictions, Black was incarcerated for three years.
While Black was in jail, he honed his rhyme skills, writing song after song about his experiences. But when he got out, he discovered his partner in One Gud Cide had lost the passion. So Black decided to go it alone, immediately releasing the acclaimed Late Bloomer.  That effort caught the ear of TVT Records.
"This is my realest record yet and TVT is the realest label out there, so we had to come together for new album," says Twisted Black. "They're known for their power with the dirty south. We're about to show the world that there's more to Texas than Houston."
"We see the potential for a major new force out of Texas with Twisted Black," says TVT Records President, Steve Gottlieb. "Twisted Black's raps are not just empty rhymes about girls and guns. His music has real depth to it that comes only from a life truly lived on the streets. He's got a great story and great music."
That story will come to life with his untitled TVT debut due in 2007.
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