Hip-Hop News: MIH Group Christmas Party Presents Choir Boy
Choir Boy and Friends are set to attend the MIH Group party for Christmas in NYC.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/14/2005 7:30:43 AM

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On the 21st of December, at the world renowned Mecca for premier musical talent Joe’s Pub, MIH Group Inc. will host its inaugural Christmas party to celebrate a dynamic year of great change and quantifiable growth. Musical performances from Newark’s Native Son, Choir Boy and Friends assures attendees that this will be a momentous occasion, marking a milestone in the history of MIH Group Inc., a management company, based out of NYC whose modus operandi became M.AKE I.T H.APPEN! 
It was March 2001 that Frank Mesa, an engineer from Queens, NY who held an executive position at the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority, was selected to star in an Emmy winning television series on CBS called The Amazing Race in which contestants would be eligible (providing they successfully completed each task) to take a trip around the world, visiting 10 countries on 4 continents, and competing with 20 other contestants for a million dollars. Suffice to say that the soon to be CEO of M.AKE I.T H.APPEN GROUP Inc, would walk away with more than $100k in prize money. 
During his travels Frank was astonished yet delighted to see that hip-hop culture and music had reached such foreign places as China, Thailand, France, and India. His new found perspective of hip-hop’s global reach provided the inspiration to combine his love of music, business savvy, and personal capital to create a management company that would nurture the careers of music artists that would make honest, socially responsible music reminiscent of Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five, Eric B & Rakim and Nas just to name a few.
Nearly five years later, in conjunction with the October ’05 release of The Amazing Race Season 1 DVD and the GSN cable station currently re-airing the show, Frank resurfaces as the unremitting, dauntless protagonist from The Amazing Race Season 1 who skillfully transcended the confines of “reality TV” by seizing his destiny, creating a conduit to manifest dreams into reality with his company, M.AKE I.T H.APPEN GROUP Inc. 
Equipped with a hand picked staff comprised of corporate, television, sales, marketing, and promotions expertise, Frank Mesa, CEO of MIH re-emerges at the forefront of a profound shift in the realm of hip-hop with Choir Boy, a socially conscious emcee touted by critics as an electrifying performer with the production skills of a new age Dr. Dre and the type of lyrical mastery not seen in years in this music called hip-hop.

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