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Hip-Hop News: FBI Informant Alters His Story
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
6/3/2005 9:37:47 AM

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A police and FBI informant who claimed that Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and a rogue LAPD officer conspired to murder Notorious B.I.G. has changed his story under oath in a Los Angeles courtroom.
 The man who says he is a lifelong paranoid schizophrenic now claims that the elaborate plot was hearsay according to the Los Angeles Times. The revelations came during questioning in a wrongful-death civil lawsuit filed against the city of Los Angeles by Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, and his estate. The suit claims that the LAPD covered up police involvement in the rapper's death reports MTV News.
 The informant’s original story had Death Row Records head Knight conspiring with form LA police officer David Mack who arranged the shooting. Amir Mohammad, a friend of Mack’s, eventually carried out the killing.
 Only known as ‘Psycho Mike’, to protect his identity, the informant originally said that Mohammad had ambushed Biggie Smalls motorcade at a set of traffic lights. He later picked Mohammad out of a police ID parade and also served as an undercover operative during the FBI investigation.
 However, he know claims that the information he had about Knight and Mack’s involvement was purely hearsay and that he’d never seen Mohammad before he was shown pictures of him by the police.
 The informant first contacted the police in 1997 while in prison with vague information on the killing, hoping that it would help him get early parole. A lot of the information was vague and contradictory, with many parts not adding up.
 He said the gunman hung out near 83rd street in Compton, lived near the streets Greenleaf and Johnson, belonged to the Nation of Islam and was a bodyguard for a drug dealer named Bay Gardner. There is no 83rd street in Compton, and detectives said no drug dealer from that area named Gardner sold drugs in the city in the 1990s.
 Both Knight and Mack have continually denied any involvement in the murder and police have never been able to acquire enough evidence to bring a conviction against the pair.

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