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Hip-Hop News: Missy Teams With More Producers
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Posted by Dave
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4/25/2005 1:09:15 PM

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For the last decade Missy Elliot kept the recipe simple- Missy + Timbaland = success. There has been no stopping this duo of creating hit songs and eclectic albums. But now the recipe changes slightly for her new album The Cook Book
 On her new album Missy has added some production ingredients to the already tasty stew of hits. This go around, Neptunes, Rich Harrison and Kwame add their own flavor to The Cook Book. The Neptunes gives her some added Virginia flavor for her rumored lead single “On and On.” Missy and Timbaland still add their usual spices to keep this album true to form.
 She produces “Lose Control” which puts her back together with Ciara (who sings and raps) and also features the hyper Fatman Scoop contributing his rambunctious ad-libs. While the album isn’t finished, it is said that Slick Rick, Mary J. Blige, Tweet and Mike Jones (Who?) contribute to the album that is due for a late June release.



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