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Ice Cube
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Posted by Dave
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3/2/2005 9:22:28 AM

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“Are We There Yet?” is his latest movie, due to be released January 21, but it’s a rhetorical question because the man known as Ice Cube is most definitely there - at the top.
 Ice Cube is an appropriate nickname for a man as multifaceted as O’Shea Jackson. From shaping gangster rap in the ’90s to writing and starring in movies, this 35-year-old native of South Central Los Angeles has become a force in Hollywood. Whether you have his CDs or plan to see his latest movie, Ice Cube demands attention.
 Famous for his words and opinions, Ice Cube had this to say about writing in our pre-interview chat:
 Teen Ink sounds like a great thing because people really underestimate the voice of kids, of youngsters. That’s one of the reasons we got into hip-hop music: to be able to have some kind of voice, to be able to state our opinions to whomever would listen. And you have a magazine just dedicated to that, which is very smart. You know, it’d be smart if adults picked it up and actually read it. They’d learn a lot about themselves and their kids.
 You know, everything starts with the writing - I don’t care if you are doing a song or a movie or an article, instructions - everything starts with writing.
 I have four kids, a son who just turned 18, a 13-year-old son, a 10-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. A lot of parents forget how it was to be their children’s ages. Never forget how it was to be their age - that is the key, and remember what you went through. Remember what you thought of the world and don’t forget, don’t get caught up in your own age.
 A[ngela]: I’d like to know whom you admired most growing up and who had the greatest influence on you?
 I was fortunate to have my father and brother with me. My brother is nine years older than myself. I looked up to both of them because they were always available, always there with anything I needed to help me get through the day, you know, living in South Central Los Angeles and trying not to get caught in all the traps it had. So I have to say my father and my brother had the biggest influence on me.
 You know, I love people like entertainers and athletes but, my pops always told me, those famous people don’t put no food on your table.
 Keep everything in perspective. You know, they get paid for what they are doing, you kind of give up your emotions for free so, you know, that always put everything in perspective about who is really having an influence on my life.
 M[cClain]: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face?
 That’s hard to sum up, but it’s kind of always trying to show people that you can do it.
 A lot of people love to doubt everybody but themselves, or you have to come in with accolades before they respect what you can do. So, growing up being in the business is always “give me a chance to show you I can do what I say I can do.” That’s been the biggest obstacle.
 A: Do you think music (or any creative works for that matter) should be censored?
 No, I think censorship is dangerous. Because it pulls out questions - who are the censors? What do they know? You know what I mean, that’s really what it boils down to.
 I think all art should have age limits, you know? There is nothing wrong with putting age limits on things. Categories, a rating system for movies - there is nothing wrong with that.
 Yeah, you know, kids do see bad things when it comes to art and media, but that don’t necessarily make them bad people in the end.
 Censorship is bad because you have people censorin

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