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Hip-Hop News: Beastie Boys Join Fight Against KFC
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/9/2005 4:15:33 PM

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Rap group the Beastie Boys, are fighting for animal rights. And not just any animals, they are fighting for the rights of KFC chickens.
 The group has teamed up with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to help in an effort to stop KFC's alleged use of mistreated chickens, the animal rights group announced Wednesday.
 In an open letter to David Novak, the KFC CEO, the Beastie Boys called for a halt to the fast-food chain's use of suppliers that break birds' beaks or use growth-inducing drugs.
 "You have a responsibility to tell your suppliers that what they are doing is wrong," the band writes. "By doing nothing, you are to blame for the cruelty that these chickens endure, which is truly sickening."
 PETA recorded footage last June of the alleged mistreatment of birds at a Pilgrim's Pride Corp. plant in Moorefield, West Virginia, which is a KFC supplier.
 The Beastie Boys are one of many other celebrities, who have joined in PETA's animal campaigns. Most recently, Dennis Rodman and Comedian David Cross appeared in an anti-fur ad wearing nothing but their own "fur," with the slogan being "Wear your own fur — let animals keep theirs."

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