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Gail Gotti - For My Bitch'z & My Nigga'z
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Posted by Robert
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10/25/2004 2:52:08 PM

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Gail Gotti Presents "For My Bitch'z & My Nigga'z". It will be available November 1st for free download at This is the tracklisting:
 1. We Ridd’n-Roll’n (Tha SwitchBladez)
 2. Story 2 Tell (Tha SwitchBladez)
 3. It’s Just The Way U Move ( Daz & Gail Gotti)
 4. I’m Gail (ReddBone Feat. TriStar)
 5. Me & My Girlfriend (Tupac & Virginya Slim) *remember tha past*
 6. Zodiak Kreep (Boo Yaa Tribe & Gail Gotti)
 7. I Aint Fu*k’n (ReddBone Feat. TriStar, Y.G & James Debarge)
 8. Never Tripp’n (Gail Gotti & Ace)
 9. Run Up On Ya (Gail Gotti, Kurupt, Baby C-Stylez & Money Bucz)
 10. Bust My Gages ( Gail Gotti)
 11. Gail Muthafu*ka (Gail Gotti)
 12. Sounds Like (Tha SwitchBladez)
 13. West Coast Finest (Gail Gotti & Jaz’Mina)
 14. Say Yea (Tha Pentagon:Gail Gotti, YoungTone, Slim Tha Mobsta & Roscoe)
 15. I Jus Wanna Fu*k U (Ebony & Tiny) SwitchBlade Mix
 16. Life’s A Bitch (Spider)
 17. Freestyle (Tha SwithBladez)
 18. Bonus (Kurupt)
 19. S.M.A Party (Eastwood, Gail Gotti, LiveWire, Cutty & Bizzle)
 20. Behind Tha Walls Remix (Kurupt & Shyne)

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