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Hip-Hop News: 8 Ball & MJG Strike Gold
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/22/2004 1:17:02 PM

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Hip-hop icons 8 Ball & MJG prove that
they live up to title of their sixth studio album.  'Living Legends', the
first project the pioneering Memphis rap have released on P. Diddy's Bad Boy
Records, has been certified gold and is approaching platinum status.

Hit singles "You Don't Want Drama" and "Straight Cadillac Pimpin'" appealed
to both newfound followers and the duo's die-hard fans.  As a testament to
the their sustained appeal, 8 Ball & MJG made their first appearance on
Jimmy Kimmel Live in September 2004, more than a decade after they released
their first album.

After a tumultuous musical career, 8 Ball & MJG with the masterful 'Living
Legends' have shown that their love for music remains their primary concern.
"The reason we love what we do and can't put the mic down is because God has
something great planned for us to do," 8 Ball says.  "Maybe we've done it
and don't know that we've done it, but we're here for a reason.  That's
definitely evident."

It's also evident that hip-hop fans can't get enough of 8 Ball & MJG.
Independent regional albums 'Coming Out Hard' and 'On The Outside Looking
In' in the early 1990s had the South on fire and set the stage for the duo's
national debut, 1995's 'On Top Of The World', which quickly went gold.
Since then, 8 Ball and MJG have released a host of chart-topping, critically
acclaimed albums, all of which have gone at least gold (including 8 Ball's
double platinum solo debut album, 1998's landmark 'Lost'.)

8 Ball & MJG also appeared on Mase's breakthrough 'Harlem World' album in
1997, establishing the working relationship with P. Diddy that evolved into
8 Ball & MJG signing with the legendary label.

"The whole plan was to sign 8 Ball & MJG for 8 Ball & MJG," MJG says of
their allegiance with P. Diddy.  "He respected what we were doing and he
wanted to keep the format the same.  That's what he liked about us: us."

In addition to promoting 'Living Legends', 8 Ball is working on the second
Slab compilation, a solo album from rapper Devius and his third solo album,
all of which will be released on 8 Ball's 8 Ways Entertainment.  MJG is
finishing recording his second solo album, which will be released on his own
MJG Music.

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