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Hip-Hop News: Bizzie Bone Shows Love
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/19/2004 3:52:48 AM

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Hip hop artist and rappers are precived as thugs,  people without a heart or no community good will.

For years the media has taken rapper Bizzy Bone to be a "thug". Focusing only on the negative things that have happened in his life and not even bothering with all the positives. Bizzy is and always has been for the children and communities. This show finally let the world see the good side of Bizzy and how he really does have a heart of gold.

Yesterday, when the Maury Povich show appeared on television, Bizzy fans around the world were elated to find the Grammy Award winning artist meeting and performing for a Make A Wish Foundation young women. Petra, a 19 year old girl, was born with spina bifida. This disease enables the spine to fully close when the baby is in utero. One of the most devastating effects this had on Petra was her inability to walk. She said people would point, laugh and pick on her because she could not walk. Maury asked her what her one wish would be and she stated "To meet Bizzy Bone. I love him. I've tried every way possible to meet him and never could." So on October 15, her wish came true. Bizzy came out and performed "Jesus" and afterwords took her out to lunch and serenaded her there as well.

Responses to yesterdays airing of the show have flooded radio stations and media alike with Bizzy fans. One fan stated " I just gained and enormous amount of respect for Bizzy. He has changed Petra's life. She'll probably smile about that forever."

One fan wrote " You didn't know Bizzy Bone would do that? He's all about the kids and helping people. Having been touched by God, he has that kindness in him." No one could have possibly said it any better. Bizzy bone...the rapper with a heart.

If you missed the Maury Show yesterday, click  HERE   and see Rapper Bizzie Bone make 'Dreams' come true.

'BIG UP's'  to Bizzie. Now hopefully the world will see what alot of us already knew.

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