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Hip-Hop News: A Few Moments With Shock G
Shock takes a few moments to talk to me about his new album ' Fear of a Mixed Planet'
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/13/2004 6:43:02 PM

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Shock G is a legend; not only in rap and hip-hop, but his talents as a
producer, musician, and a cartoonist are also part of this complex man.

Shock G dropped his first independent album 'Fear of a Mixed Planet'

A widely anticipated album 'Fear of a Mixed Planet' has lived up to all the

Shock G is best known I guess for his fore front position with Digital
Underground and being one of the people who helped bring Tupac Shakur up and
get him in the 'game.

Shock has worked with almost everybody, from Richie Rich to George Clinton
to Prince.

His wide range of talent is present and in very good form on 'Fear Of A
Mixed Planet'. Even the album insert art is great.

This is an all around great job and one I am sure Shock is proud of.

Pick it up and see what I'm talking about. You won't be disappointed.

Also visit to keep up on Shock. Check his site. It is 100%
free and has many mp3 and other great stuff on it.

I had an opportunity to ask Shock G a few questions . I'd like to thank him
for his time and Betsy Bolte Public Relations for hooking it all up. Thanks also to 33rd Street Records.

Robert - Thanks for taking time for us, we appreciate it.

Shock G - Likewise, thanks for the opportunity to speak to the world.
Website interviews mean a kid in Ethiopia could be reading this. That's big!

Robert - This album has been along time in coming. Are you relieved that it
is finally out?

Shock G - True. Finally a chance to speak my heart & mind as greg jacobs,
instead of only what I think "Humpty", "ShockG", or "Piano-Man" should say.
They are more-less characters, personalities that I write for, ya feel me?
I'm not as smooth as "ShockG", or as wild as "Humpty". They were just
rappers that I myself wanted to see, emcees that I thought would be cool, so
I portrayed them myself, to entertain myself as well as the masses. My
regular personality, greg jacobs, is more personal & shy and needs way less
attention then "they" do.
       On the album "Fear of a Mixed Planet" Shockg is named as the artist,
but I'm actually just being my regular self "Greg" on alot of the songs.

Robert - With the first track I knew that this was a different, 'real'
album. You threw Tupac out in a way that many don't comprehend these days.
Thanks for that.

Shock G - Those who knew him behind the scenes saw a person who was always
reading, studying, organizing, and plotting his next move, instead of only
the wild person who we all saw publicly. Had we not pulled him on tour in
1990, he had plans to accept a seat as a chairman within a campus struggle
organization that had invited him to Atlanta. Go here for my full story on
that, select "Shakur Legacy".

Robert - Really this is a journey, not listening to a cd. I really never
heard anything like this. Is that what you were trying to get across with
this project? Trying to grab people's minds instead of just beats and floss?

Shock G - Quiet as it's kept, that's what I tried to do with every CD I ever
worked on but I guess this one just came through more than the others.

Robert - There are many of Digital Undergrounds crew on this album, but it
seems the 'direction' is different than the Digital Underground norm. How is
the feedback on the album been?

Shock G - So far, every single company that hears it wants to distribute it
or get involved in some way. Our agent, Bobby Bessone outta nashville, said
I should've waited and heard what Sony & Universal had to say, but we're
happy with the independant decision that we made, 33rd Street Records. They
understand the positive, alternative, en

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