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Hip-Hop News: Chuck D's TerrorDome
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/1/2004 10:13:48 AM

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In his recent ‘Terrordome’’ post, rap legend Chuck D gives a little insight on how records are made, mention’s of a Public Enemy tour, Flavor Flav on Surreal World and a lot more.

Other information he offers is a late October Public Enemy Tour. You can catch all his Terrordome post on his web site

The jumpoff; IS that ALL IT IS to a record?  By Chuck D

There's a beginning, middle and end to every song. Given how records are chosen to be played today, can throw one into complete mystery. While I’m a fan of technology remember it giveith and taketh away. As in the case of cds where people comfortably just press a button to advance to the next track. I guess its cool for the public but when music directors, and so called industry heads do it, it definitely is a wack thing.

There are songs from the past that pick up great momentum across the middle, and gather steam at the end. Much of hip hop/rap music is comprised off the breaks 3/4ths into the record. Classic hip-hop jocks retain this sensibility always looking for that funky break for you. However the pop-judgement call on rap records have altered the way they're created.

The great BERRY GORDY ordered his producers to create an 'event' during the first 15 seconds of a song to in essence 'keep the listener there'. In a 2-3 minute 45 rpm disc amongst hundreds of lesser known labels and artists, I guess you couldn’t play around. But this viewpoint has almost made a rap record 'breakless' other than not hearing any 'spit' a few bars later in the song. The 'we don’t really give a damn' jazz approach to making rap songs has tilted the whole other way for the sake of competition and commerce.

Its one of the reasons that djs eventually became music producers, DR DRE,HANK SHOCKLEE, EVIL DEE, DE LA,DJ SPOOKY...they knew the records or at least the unexposed Breaks the public didn’t know. Sometimes the end of a record can do a total flip, now tell me do you think SLY and the FAMILY STONES 'STAND' would stand a chance today? This message is for the music directors and programmers, especially for radio ...don’t short the art form and limit it by half-listening. Pick some records based on their middle and endings as well. And it can re-energize its innovations .

In late October there’s gonna be a Public Enemy-Living Colour tour in the USA. Along with some Move-On concerts the red, black, and green machine is back on the scene. Also the move is to look to have tne 7th Octave open these shows...

There wont be a PE catalog Anthology POWER TO THE PEOPLE AND THE BEATS/VIDEO cd-dvd release this year ,instead it will roll out f

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