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Posted by Robert
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3/16/2004 10:17:59 AM

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The wait is finally over.  Tha Movement has been released exclusively on MobLifeRecords.net.  The album features Mutulu Shakur, Napoleon, Edi (2Pac's Outlawz), Spice 1, JT The Bigga Figga, Assassin, San Quinn, Muszamil (formerly known as Hellraza), Hassachi Ryda, Nzingha Shakur and many more.  Production on the album was handled by Edi, Assassin and Hella Tight.  The album can be purchased for $10 in the Mob Life Records online store.  The first 50 copies sold will be signed by Cablez & Hella Tight.  Below is the official tracklist. 
  1. Mutulu Shakur Intro
  2. Gotta Be A Way
  3. Message From Edi
  4. Bustaz (Featuring Edi of the Outlawz)
  5. Just Wanna Get Away
  6. Message From Hassachi Ryda
  7. Hold Me Down (Featuring Hassachi Ryda)
  8. We Here Now (Featuring Fue)
  9. Freak It
  10. Message From JT The Bigga Figga
  11. Nuthin' Like That Mob Life (Featuring JT The Bigga Figga)
  12. U Don't Want No Problemz (Featuring Q.U.)
  13. Message From Napoleon
  14. Tha Life That We Live (Featuring Napoleon, Muszamil & Nzingha Shakur)
  15. Whatchu Gon' Do?
  16. Message From Assassin
  17. Tha Life I Lead (Featuring Assassin & Arsinist)
  18. Message From Muszamil
  19. Survival On Tha Streetz (Featuring Muszamil)
  20. Dirty World
  21. Who Gon' F*** Wit Us? (Featuring Fue & Sonny Garcia)
  22. Mutulu Shakur Outro
  23. Bonus Track (Featuring Spice 1, Assassin, San Quinn & Q.U.)
Tha Life That We Live (Limited Edition Single)
Tha Life That We Live limited edition single is almost out of stock.  If you haven't already, order a copy today.  The single is only available for sale on MobLifeRecords.net.  The single can be purchased for only $4 in the Mob Life Records online store.  Below is the tracklist for the maxi-single. 
    1. Mutulu Shakur Intro (Unavailable On LP)
    2. LP Version (Featuring Napoleon, Muszamil & Nzingha Shakur)
    3. Radio Edit (Featuring Napoleon, Muszamil & Nzingha Shakur)
    4. Remix (Featuring Napoleon & Muszamil) (Unavailable On LP)
    5. Instrumental
    6. Gotta Be A Way
National Distribution?
Right now 3 national distributors are interested in Tha Movement.  We are looking over the paper work right now and just deciding what is the best move for us.  We haven't signed anything yet and we won't unless that $$$ is right.  As soon as we sign a distribution deal we will announce it on MobLifeRecords.net .
Mob Life Records has many big things planned for 2004. We will keep you up on all that is going on over there.

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