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Hip-Hop News: Death Row's Response On Crooked I
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Posted by Robert
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3/9/2004 1:28:13 AM

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Despite what some internet websites are claiming Crooked I is still under contract with us.

"Crooked I is still signed," Tha Row's spokesman Jonathan Wolfson said Monday afternoon. "This all stems from the upcoming release of Kurupt's album Against The Grain. There might have been a jealously element because Kurupt's new album is dropping first."

Knight's sanctioning of the release of Kurupt's album and the fact that the rapper's highly anticipated album Say Hi To The Bad Guy is what created the rift between Crooked I and the label.

Crooked I told that his contract expired March 5th after being signed since 1999. He said he was in the process of working out amicable terms with Tha Row.

"I'm out here, still grinding, working on a few things," Crooked I said.

Crooked I was not ever released from his contract.

"We will be proceeding with legal action against various companies for interference of contract because he is still signed.

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