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Posted by Robert
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2/5/2004 5:51:24 AM
Known for their affiliation with Queensbridge and hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, INFAMOUS MOBB will release their first volume of the series "Blood Thicker Than Water" Vol. 1 April 6, 2004 on their own label IM3 (Infamous Mobb To The Third Power)/Monopolee Records. The twenty-one track offering will be accompanied by a bonus 2 hour DVD.

After their debut album, Special Edition (2002) and appearances on Mobb Deep’s Murder Muzik.( 1998 ), Hell On Earth (1996), NAS’ QB Finest Collection , and DJ Muggs “Soul Assassins,” Ty Nitty, Twin Gambino, and G.O.D.-Father Pt. 3 step out on their own on a jam-packed nineteen track album of official street anthems. Beginning with the first singles “Empty Out,” featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep and “Who We Ride For,” Infamous Mobb offers 17 full songs (not counting the intro and outro), no interludes or skits as tracks – just straight thug Music.

Influenced by the Queensbridge sound, “Blood Thicker Than Water: Vol 1 doesn’t lean on the family tree for support; but instead Infamous Mobb extends it roots creating their own territory. Ty Nitty told, “On this album, we intentionally don’t have Mobb Deep and Alchemist all over the album. We’re deadin’ the perception that we ride off Mobb Deep. That’s our crew and they’ll always be family, but Infamous Mobb has it’s own identity.”
The Blood Thicker Than Water bonus DVD directed by Jordan Tower for Jordan Tower Films includes two hours of candid in-depth interviews and eight music videos filmed in Queensbridge with Infamous Mobb, Mobb Deep, Big Noyd, and Alchemist (producer) explaining how Mobb Deep (the crew) formed and the struggles they endured coming up in Queensbridge Projects. Infamous Mobb and Mobb Deep reveals part of their history that has never been told. For example, Infamous Mobb describes their signing to Virgin Records and deal falling apart; while Prodigy Of Mobb Deep reveals how he taught Havoc (who’s known for his production) how to make beats and how Havoc coached Prodigy on the art of rhyming. Alchemist discusses how his Infamous Mobb connection brought him into the Mobb Deep family and also gives us his history and Ron Artest’s appearance on the DVD provides another view of how the Mobb was back in the day as well as a brief look into his career.

The DVD features a documentary style hood tour of the famous Queensbridge projects – the good, the bad, and ugly. “The DVD is a documentary with a couple of videos,” explains G.O.D.-Father 3. “We give you an in-depth look into Mobb Deep’s, Alchemist’s, and our history and show you how we get down. It’s everyday living with Infamous Mobb, Mobb Deep, Noyd, Alchemist, and the rest of the Mobb and Queensbridge family showing you the hood.” Twin Gambino adds, “Expect to see life as it really is – grimy, up-close, and personal while it’s going down. It ain’t no Hollywood shit. For fans of Mobb Deep who’ve never been to Queensbridge, we bring The Brdige right to the comfort of your living room.”

Filmmaker, Jordan Tower adds, “It’s grimy and you can feel the struggle…after watching it, you’ll finally know where Mobb Deep and Infamous Mobb come from. And for the kids that are fans of Mobb Deep, who’ve never been to Queensbridge, it’s the closest they’ll get to seeing everyday life in what MC Shan called Da Bridge.” He adds, I’ve always been a fan of artists from Queensbridge, so when I heard that Infamous Mobb was looking to shoot a video for this album, I reached out to them to do the video, but found Queensbridge so captivating that before I knew it we were shooting a DVD documentary.

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