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Hip-Hop News: Best Rapper Quotes of 2003
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/5/2004 9:52:03 AM

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10 Best Rapper Quotes of 2003 by RoPorter

1."Politically I beg to differ in the views of freedom. We are victims of a capitalist system. As workers we are exploited. As people we have no power over our own lives. No self-determination and no ability to reproduce the things we need for ourselves. So we are dependent in people who historically have beaten us, jailed us, lied to us etc. I don't see any freedom in that."--Stic from Dead Prez

2."Its not really my problem." [Jay says in an Italian mobster voice]. My thing with the industry is … I was inspired by cats that made different songs. I was inspired to make a hotter song. I didn't want to make "Who Shot Ya." My thing is, I think when people hear albums or anybody that's hot, they try to do tha same thing. They try to duplicate success by making the same thing. It's like, the more you hear it, it gets weaker every time. Hopefully if they don't have one of those things to follow, they will have to make their own stuff. That's what hip-hop is about. It's like if this guys is wearing brown and gold, I'm never gonna wear that. I want to where this. It's not about going to get the same thing.-Jay Z Black Album Inner-view
3.To have the opportunity for the 'Bling-Bling' era & to have the opportunity for the 'Conscious' era & have the opportunity of people mixing it together this is all a part of the art & all art to me. It's like a painter; every painter can't paint the same. Every painter paints different, so everybody has a different stroke. But all painters criticize each other's paintings. That's what makes it art, that's what makes it interesting. Is that everybody has an opinion '. It gives it an opportunity to grow & lead the house of Hiphop to be much stronger then rock & roll music, to me & my opinion.- CL Smooth innerview with

4.And a lot of people caught offense to that: "What do you mean you are Hip-Hop?" Obviously, that was not my point of view - that I alone, am Hip-Hop and no one isn't. The point was that I declared that I am not just doing this art-form, representing Hip-Hop like it's over there somewhere - distant from myself, I Am Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is my being! Hip-Hop doesn't happen until I do it. And that goes for others. ---KRS1 Word Perfect Inner-view

5."they all keep on because they have comfort in numbers--numbers that result from the propaganda that everyone buys into. Lies are now being exposed to the point where people are basically choosing to believe what they WANT to believe, not necessarily the truth. So a lot of times the division line falls along racial and class lines"---Paris

6."What I was saying was that it f*cked me up when I see my little cousin sittin' around looking depressed thinking she aint hot 'cause she don't have this sh*t to wear. She can't afford it. So what she do next, she's hustlin' now 'cause she wants n*ggas to look at her as the hot girl. Now your clothes is determining who you are? Really that Kay-Slay freestyle was for the kids. Don't let the TV fool you and make you feel like you aint nothing 'cause you can't afford it, you still beautiful"--Amil 'All Money Isn't Legal' Inner-view

7."I think the powers that be, whether it’s the government, labels, or who knows who, it seems like they had a little meeting and decided to get rid of all the Hip-Hop that was threatening or underground. They basically are only letting a certain amount of acts live, which are the commercial acts. I’m not knocking those acts at all, because those kids got to eat. They have been able to do away with, for instance, the Gang Starrs, the BDPs, the Rakims, the Black Moons, and so forth. It’s basically commercial or bust."Dray from Das EFX to

8.If you even talk about the world outside the US to a lot of Americans it's as if your reminding them of something they don't want reminding of. 'Cos it fucks with all their

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