Nelly - Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/5/2003 7:08:12 AM

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If your like me, you see or hear re-mix, you shy away. Very seldom are the re-mixes worth buying. They usually sound like cutting floor droppings. But ,believe it or not most of this re-mix cd is better than the original.

Nelly and the St. Lunitics have a fresh sound . They came on the scene with that fresh sound and it works. I don't care where you go, the mall, the burb's, or the hood you can hear Nelly bumping on an Alpine.

If you like Nelly, you are going ta really love this fresh version of these songs. If you don't like Nelly, give this one a listen. And remember it's only music. But this cd is fresh and that St. Louie sound is strong and it is definetly Nelly and the St. Lunitics. Even the new Air Force One's is fresh. This cd just show's Nelly and the St. Lunitics are a force to be dealt with. Even the solo album from Murphy Lee went Platium. So seperately they can spit, but collectively they are unbeatable.Hopefully we will see more solo albums from the Lunitics to. There is alot of talent there.

There has to be something there in order to sell as many albums as Nelly and the Lunitics have. This cd shows a more refined side. The original versions of these songs was strong, but there is a refinement and a 'maturity' to these re-mixes. Nelly must be feeling comfortable with his posistion in the music field. He did something different, and that is not something alot of artist try. But here he hit the mark. Even the way this cd is 'set up' like a listening party ans interview is different, comfortable.So, he had the 'guts' to put it out there, have the 'guts' to give it a listen. You might be surprised.

*If you still would rather have the 'originals', buy them don't download them. Support all artist thru purchasing their work. Face it , you wouldn't work for free....Peace / Robert


**On a Rating bases of 1-10 , My Over all rating for ' Nelly's new LP, Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention ' is 8.5

01. Intro.

02. Country Grammar (Jason "Jay E" Epperson remix) - featuring E-40
This track, with the streetsweeper and all is really a gangsta track. This new lil twist is thight. It works with E-40, it is more reconizable for the gangsta track it is. (9)

03. Iz U
This is one of the 'new' tracks on the album. So there is nothing to compare it to, but it has that 'refined' Nelly sound, but not one of the best tracks. (7)

04. E.I. (David Banner remix)
Will be hard to get air play but it is a good track. The beats are stronger and it is a get moving type tack. (8)

05. Ride Wit Me (Jason "Jay E" Epperson reimx) - featuring City Spud

This track works totally. Probably the best track on the cd. This would be my pick for another 'hot' Nelly video. The beat, the vocals; if this doesn't make you move: your dead: -- This is the 'highlight' of the cd to me. (10+)

06. Batter Up (Jason "Jay E" Epperson remix) - featuring Ali, Chocolate Ty, King Jacob, Murphy Lee, The Proffessor and True

Much better than the 'original'. Stronger beat and a looser feel. These are professionals but ya can tell they enjoy their music, and it shows. (8+)

07. If

Again that Nelly 'Original ' sound, with a twist. The beat is a little to repetative and ya get lost in the beat,but it is an ok track. (7+)

08. Hot In Herre (Neptunes remix)
Don't compare this to the original. If ya let it stand for itself without comparing , it is fresh and tight. If ya want to compare, just play the original. Give this a chance and a good listen. (9)

09. Dilemma (Jermaine Dupri remix) - featuring Kelly Rowland

With the Jermaine Dupri twist on this it is tight. And Kelly Rowland still stands out, so that is a plus. (9)

10. King's Highway

It's the Nelly sound but it's not as 'refined' as the rest. A good track , that Nelly sound and beat. The beat may be to repetative, but it

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