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RZA - Birth Of A Prince
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/7/2003 11:05:28 AM

RZA Birth Of A Prince is out and it is one that really can't be overlooked. A rapper , a composer, a producer and a businessman rolled up in one. And the artist shines on this CD.

The old soul sound with lively rap hooks is what I expected and I was not dis-appointed. The cut that stands out is of course 'GRITS'. And that is because it gets air play. But tracks like 'THE BIRTH' really make this album shine. There are many 'standout' cuts on the album. 'WE POP' (feat. ODB) leaves such a mark, I walked around singing 'Double barrel shotgun..' it is a grabber. 'KOTO CHOTAN' leaves you wanting more of that last spit.

After listening to this album all I can say there is no dis-appointment here. Really this is more than I thought it would be. I looked for a good album and we got a great one. The range and depth of RZA is all shown here. There is so much on this album all highlighting the skills and artistic talents of RZA that I highly recommend you get this one.

**On a Rating bases of 1-10 , My Over all rating for 'RZA- BIRTH OF A PRINCE' is a 9


When this track starts you just feel you should make sure you loaded the right tape. But that is that ol soul sound. Then it breaks with a good beat and a good flow. Has a lil nursey ryhmn thrown in, makes a good flow with sha nha nha as a back drop.Good cut. (8)


This cut comes out poppin. Grabs you from the jump. Then the tight flow continues and to hear RZA studder is a wild throw in. Then the beats changes and the flow switches but still flows with a hypmotizing flow. Good cut. (8)


Double Barrel Shot Gun---and from there this track has you. The lil throw in's, the hooks they just got cha. There is a small piece that is at the end of this cut that I wish they would have made into a full cut. It isn't listed in the listing, so maybe we will get the whole thing next time around (9)


As soon as it hits you know what is coming and it is a nice slow track. Brings a frame of mind just made for chillin. The beat just lays you back and then the flow takes you back. Great track (10)


I don't know if it's because it follows 'Grits' or not but this is the weakest track on the cd. The flow is good but I just didn't get into it. The beat is weak and the flow sometimes 'breaks' at the wrong times. So so cut (6)


Kinda out there and hypnotizing. Flow seems to be without breathing. The spitting talent is really here. Tight lyrics that flow so easily. Good track (9)


And the great spitting contiues here. The flow is unending and the 'hook' that the 'ol sounding dude in the back pops off with is right on time. The beat is great and this is a good song. (9)


A 'rollin' song. This is a cut to roll to. Has no deep thought to get the message of this cut. A fun cut. Great beat, and you get the impression the title says it all. good cut. (8)


I like the beat and the soundz in this cut. With head phones your head rings well into the next cut. Good tight flow mixed with this beat is what makes this cut great. Great cut. (9)


A little more than half way thru this album and the flows are still as tight as when it started. The best was just not one or two tracks on the begining of this cd. This cut has great flows and it also has a few breaks. The moans and all could have found the earase button, but all in all this is a great track. (9)


This is the most gangsta cut on the cd. Great flow, great beat, I really like this cut. The lyrics are plain and simple and it is easy to get the message. A great cut (10)


I love the beat of this. This is not a 'filler' cut. The flow is tight. The last spit on this track is the highlight, very tight and leaves you wa
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