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Posted by Robert
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9/7/2003 10:46:13 PM

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We caught up with Zane aka Lil Zane to speak on his sophmore album, "The Big Zane Theory". He told us about why he dropped the L-I-L from his name, his upcoming projects, his thoughts on his comparisons to Tupac and much more. First of all, explain to me why you dropped the Lil off your name?

I dropped the Lil from Zane because you know Zane is my real name, that's the name that's on my birth certificate and my mom likes that name, so you know, I'm a momma's boy. She likes that name. I think it's just a hot name and I think alot of fans think when they hear "Lil Zane" they think it's a stage name, but really I'll always be Lil Zane because my dad is Zane Copeland Sr and I'm Zane Copeland Jr, so I'll always be Lil' Zane. I just dropped the L-I-L from Zane just to show a mature side of me because my music has grown more mature and I'm 2 years older now then I was when everyone last heard me. I wanted to just really re-invent myself. Just another way to re-invent myself, you know, rock stars continuously re-invent themselves by putting on crazier clothes or doing crazier music, so I just wanted to just change my name, not going to far as to changing my clothes or doing crazy music, just changed my name. I just left it as Zane because it sounds so much more genuine and so much more classic. I like it! What you think about it?

BallerStatus: You said earlier that people shouldn't judge you. Have you had any problems with that?

Yea, all the time man. You got magazines that lash out at me and say I try to sound like Tupac. They used to say that, now they ain't saying it. I love Tupac to death. I love his music and his family and all that, but I definately wanna be my own individual. I work too hard at my music and all the stuff I put together, I don't want to sell 10 million records and have people say I sold that many because I sound like somebody. I wanna have my own personality. Ever since I came out, people just judge me because of my jewelry, or because I'm from New York, or cuz I'm raised in Atlanta or because I did party records. They always had something to say and I just clear up the news and the rumors on this new album. It tells the secrets and if you listen real closely it will tell you everything you wanna know about me.

BallerStatus: What's your opinion on Tupac?

Zane: I'm a fan of Tupac. I think he is the greatest.

BallerStatus: Do you think he affected your style at all?

Zane: I think that he has influenced alot of peoples' style. Definately alot of people. I think Pac influences everybody.

BallerStatus: You have come under alot of fire for that. What do you think made it stop?

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