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Hip-Hop News: Ying Yang Twins' "Naggin" Lands Them In Divorce Court
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Posted by Steve
Rap News Network Staff
8/27/2003 2:21:37 AM

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Burning up the airwaves with their appearance on Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's booty anthem "Get Low," the exuberant Ying Yang Twins are ready to return and make their own mark with "Naggin'," the leadoff single from the upcoming Me and My Brother.

According to a treatment released by TVT Records, the video for "Naggin'," shooting Thursday (July 10) and Friday in Atlanta, depicts Twins Kaine and D-Roc in divorce court before their accusing women and an unruly court audience. As the judge questions the Twins, the galley explodes in a battle of the sexes as humorous vignettes of Kaine and D-Roc being nagged by their ladies are shown. The video is intercut with portraits of real-life nagging scenarios including a woman on a street corner holding one baby on her hip with several other kids around her, chastising her man for being no help.

Kaine recently said he believes the song will resonate with all men. "Nagging's like a universal term that every man can identify with throughout the globe. It didn't just start happening; it's been happening. We're just acknowledging it."

Although the Twins are expert at using humor and wordplay to view situations from a different perspective, as they did on their 2000 hit "Whistle While You Twurk," Kaine views "Naggin' " as a more realistic portrayal. "With a real-life situation song, we're not talking about twurkin' or shakin' or none of that. We're talking about being able to deal with a young lady. ... An everyday working man ain't doing no bull jack. He's just tired."

Me and My Brother is produced by longtime Twins associate DJ Beat-In-Azz, who also produced the Twins' two previous LPs, 2000's Thug Walkin' (ColliPark Records) and 2002's Alley ... The Return of the Ying Yang Twins (Koch Records). With a reputation for putting out Southern-style crunk records, Beat-In-Azz said he wanted to show the Twins' versatility on their new album.

"You don't want 10 'Get Low's running back-to-back 'cuz you ain't gonna ride it," the producer explained. "This album here, you have a bunch of good cuts. ... That's the biggest difference between this album and the last album. We gonna flip it now. ... I want [listeners] to know [the Twins] can do other things."

The Twins will be busy right up to the day their new album drops on September 16. They'll appear on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," performing "Get Low," and will tour the country late this summer along with Lil Jon, David Banner, Chingy and Killer Mike on the Dirty South Mix Tape Tour.

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