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Who Killed Jam Master Jay? Pt. 2
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Posted by Sarah
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6/28/2003 11:43:30 AM

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AllHipHop: What was the climate within the group Rusty Waters? Was there any beef in the group?

S: As far as Rusty Waters goes, it's just like Run said. Jay was the glue behind everything. Now that Jay is gone, everybody is scattered. Ain’t nothing like it used to be. It use to be all of us hanging, running around the world, going to these different cities, all that sh*t is over. The same n*ggas that used to hang don't speak anymore.

AllHipHop: But before Jay passed, there was no problems in the group?

S: Rusty Waters was cool, but Jay felt relieved when they got their deal. It was like he felt that he owed them, like I gotta get these n*ggas on. He got them out of his pocket and he was happy. He was like "Now we can start
f*cking with these movies, I'm through with the rap sh*t." n*ggas didn't even know that Jay wasn't f*ckin with that rap sh*t no more, it was all about the movies.

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