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Who Killed Jam Master Jay? Pt.1
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Posted by Sarah
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6/28/2003 11:37:52 AM

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You may not know who Erik "Shake" James is. But you are about to meet him. As a personal friend of the late, great, Jam Master Jay, Shake was part of Jay's inner circle from 1988 until the Jam Master's murder in October of

Shake traveled around the globe with Jam Master Jay and actually introduced AllHipHop's owners/founders to the legendary DJ.

When the rumors of Jay's death started to circulate, AllHipHop's Grouchy Greg paged Jam Master hoping he would dispel what had yet to be confirmed, only to receive the tragic confirmation from Jay's pager, but with Shake responding.

After hearing Randy Allen's interview on Hot 97, in which he seemingly told an alternate version of what happened the night Jay was murdered, Shake decided to speak his mind.

Allen and his sister Lydia High, were longtime associates of Jay. Both have recently been under scrutiny from various media outlets, the subject of various reports suggesting they may know more about the murder than they are revealing.

In this exclusive interview, Shake comes forward to speak about the man he called his best friend, Jam Master Jay, and what may have happened to him.

AllHipHop: What was your role with Jay?

Shake: That was my best friend man.

Allhiphop: You also worked with Run-DMC?

S: Yeah

Allhiphop: Jay was with you the day before he was murdered, no strange behavior?

S: We just played video games and was just hanging man.

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