Kurt Russell Says Kurupt Is A Natural
Hollywood actor 'Kurt Russell' gives his views on 'Kurupt' & 'Master P', says they're are "Natural Actors".
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By Paul Russell
2/20/2003 3:34:44 AM

Any DPG fans that own the "Gangsta Shit" DVD could both agree and contest with that statement by the established actor. In the DVD you see Daz Dillinger confront Kurupt regarding the rumour about him signing for "Tha Row," the rumour which later was revealed as fact. Kurupt tries to avoid giving a straight answer while looking noticeably uncomfortable.

However according to Launch Kurt Russell was impressed by both Kurupt & Master P on both the acting and business side of things : "I'd say that Master P and Kurupt, they're just naturally good, I don't know why that is exactly, except that perhaps...We talked about it a little bit. Kurupt's a great kid, I really like him a lot, and Master P's a fascinating guy, I mean, he's got half a billion dollars sittin' in the backseat there. He's an empire builder. We talked about it a little bit, and it's hard to say whether there's a natural underdog feeling that allows a person to sort of be free and unmechanical, just sort of get it. Rappers in general are really good with words, they're really good with lines."

The acting he is reffering to is in the film 'Dark Blue' which also stars Ving Rhames and opens tomorrow (February 21st). The film follows a group of corrupt white cops in L.A and takes place just days before four white L.A police officers were acquitted of charges in the beating of black motorist Rodney King.

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